The designers have long been convinced that ‘there is no beauty without functionality’, thus the convinced minimalism of the Ettoriano chair allies the finesse of its steel base with a one-piece shell which is both all-enveloping and yet delicate. The designers describe their source of inspiration as follows: “In autumn, the dead leaves fall to the ground, light and sensual. Thus Ettoriano was born, a light, curving, welcoming leaf.” The shell is made from felt and it is the warmth of this very current material which reinforces the feeling of comfort procured by the welcoming curves of the integral shell, designed to hug the body. The 3 layers of 10 mm thick felt which are pressed together to create the shell (final thickness 12 mm) guarantee excellent solidity and durability. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to make moulded wood. It uses completely recycled and recyclable PET. An optional cushion improves the welcome still further, along with the comfort promised by the seat. It is possible to choose a colour for this cushion which tones with the grey of the shell and base, or in a contrasting colour for added dynamism. In the case of the bridge, the lines of the moulded felt shell sketch out two flared armrests which offer excellent support to the forearms.

Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci

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