After the success of Togo and Ploum sofas, Ligne Roset challenged designer Philippe Nigro to reinvent the extreme comfort of the all-foam seating of the Seventies. With Manarola, Philippe Nigro has designed a new type of seating which offers remarkable comfort and a very welcoming appearance. To achieve this, the whole seat seems like a single large cushion placed on a light yet assertive base. This generous cushion is articulated into three sections to offer truly optimized comfort: a tipped-back seat, effective support to the small of the back, firmer support to the head and shoulders. A true martingale of comfort, developed by Ligne Roset on certain of its seats such as Marsala (Michel Ducaroy 1971). The structure’s metal frame is enveloped in foam and the upholstery of the seat rests on the elegant solid wood buttresses supporting the back which make up the base.

Philippe Nigro

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