Thanks to its reinforced structure, the Dehors table gives a great impression of visual lightness despite its generous solid ceramic top. The brand of minimalism under consideration here is the expression of creative maturity through the extreme simplicity of perfectly-mastered forms. Its four legs, discreetly positioned at the corners, bring elegance and finesse whilst optimising the available space for those sitting at the table. Space is further optimised by the quarter-turn rotation of each of the legs, which lends a pleasant, dynamic asymmetry. Those same people sitting at the table also benefit from a comfortable width of 100 cm which is particularly generous for an outdoor table. Offered in 3 shades, all of which are coloured to the core, the ceramic stoneware in use here offers a surface which is 30 % harder than granite. Its properties of mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance are exceptional, thus making it particularly suitable for use on a very exposed and well-used indoor/outdoor tabletop (sun, storms).

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